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The Less Than Fine Art of Procrastination

I have a secret…

In just about everything I do I am ‘high energy’, semi-sorta-kinda Type A / OCD / Pain the Butt (well, actually Lori tells me I am often MORE than a little Type A / OCD, somewhere between Sgt Fury and Attila the Hun). But on really, really, really important projects I am…


A procrastinator…

A long time ago, about the time marriage #2 broke up, I decided to write the GCN (what ambitious literary Canuck type wouldn’t?). So Matane Summer aka The Summer of Dolphins aka several spindles of DVD’s, was born. Twenty years later MS is in final draft – I think. Since then I have started ‘Flying in Deep Water’, a gothic horror about a comatose youth who kills with his mind, several volumes of poetry, a cookbook, a slew of short stories – well you get the point.

So long story short this is why, after building about 467 websites for everyone from mom and pop corner stores to multinationals, I am FINALLY hunkering down and buying / building my own domain.

Shocking eh? Only 24 years after I started coding HTML I am about to actually build a site with my name at the top and not in the footer under ‘Design by:’.



ps: Design by is me too… good people, reasonable rates, tell them I sent you…

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