Spilled Milk Opportunities

Reading Lynn Gray’s excellent post about the life of a salmon (Elevatedware on IG – https://www.instagram.com/p/CODipx8jD1V/) got me to thinking about how much we are part of a larger collective, even when we are feeling very Covid-isolated.

Although I work from home, I am part of an amazing team of people, representing quite a cross-section of Canadian IT-geeks. We have old-pharts like myself, lesser old-pharts, new Canadians, at least one youngster fresh out of geek-college, and, sadly, only one lady (gaw it would be sooo good to see more women in STEM!).

Together we represent about 200 years of poking about inside CPU’s, crawling under tables to attach Cat-5’s, listening to complaints about broken cupholders (inside joke – think DVD drives) and panicking secretaries who cannot remember their password after a long weekend.

Our team complements each other well, lending a hand when needed, keeping us on our toes with new wrinkles to old problems, and most importantly adding a lot of humour when folks are getting stressed out.

All of this is quite amazing to me since I think I might have met half the team – once. In fact of the four people who sat on the hiring board when I joined, I have met one, even though I spend 37.5 hours a week with my headphones on staring at Microsoft Teams chat.

But I digress…

We are a collective, brought together by a common interest – geekdom – from every direction of the compass. We stay together by sharing our individual differences to create new common interests.

For example:

This month is Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. From dawn to dusk, Moslem folk are expected to fast, in contemplation of (I hope I get this right) Mohammed receiving the first four books of the Quran from Allah. The tough part is the fasting, especially if you have to work with people who have an obsession with Krispy Kreme donuts. You know where this is going.

Now I am not Moslem, these days I am not sure what label you would put on my spirituality, but I am quite interested in the spirituality of others. Luckily I have team members who are both Moslem and willing to explain the meaning of Ramadan. I probably will never be an expert but I feel a lot closer to my fellow team mates with knowledge of what they are going through and what their faith is about. 

So getting back to what Lynn wrote about, life creates opportunities for us to either connect with each other or disconnect and isolate. Covid is a great example, and the separation it has created from family and friends can make the best of us feel very, very alone. But are we? Or are we simply caught up in a sort of ‘self-privilege-pity’ that keeps us from seeing how connected we really are?

Dare we cry over spilled milk when the cat is thanking us?


mouse - o = muse

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