Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

"Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly
And the dreams that you dream of, dreams really do come true"

I must be getting older, some things really 'get to me', or maybe I am just tired of hiding my humanity / empathy / whateverathy. I wear my heart on my sleeve, get glassy eyed over silly rom-coms and proudly enjoy 'Hello Goodbye" (CBC app - try it!). I love sunrises, sunsets, and walking on the beach in stormy weather. Baxter knows one look at me 'in that way' and I head for the dog biscuits and as much as Sam 'hates' it I try to give him a hug every day - at least once, often more *grin*.

Which brings me to rainbows...

There is beauty in everything around us, from the smallest bug to the Perseids meteor showers in August. And there is beauty most of all in people.

When Sam was 5 he started kindergarten. We were worried about the bigger kids, whether his classmates would accept or bully him; probably all the things parents worry about when sending their youngest out the door (and the others too for sure!). But we needn't have, from day one he sheltered under the protective wing of 'Miss R.', as Sam still refers to her.

As the school years passed Miss R. often stepped in to make up for overworked teachers and special needs programs that literally did not exist! Hours of her own time she spent developing a scheduling system that Sam could relate to or story boards to help him in his development. For my wife and I, new as we were to the ASD world and trying to learn as we went, she was a godsend!

Ten years later, with time approaching for Sam to enter high school, we decided to move - looking for more for Sam as he enters teenagerhood. It wasn't an easy decision, filled with the unknown, but one we knew we had to make. Miss R. was there with us all the way, planning transition for Sam, spending time over a tea cup with my wife after what must have been long, tiring days.

The last few months Miss R. was not well, a nagging infection sapping her usual boundless energy. Lori and Sam visited her at the farm, I think both Miss R. and Sam felt better after. And we talked about a visit in Ottawa this summer - a chance for Sam to show off his new city.

But that was not to be.

Late Saturday night came news that she was failing, and by early Sunday she was gone.

Sunday was a hard day, watching all the comments and condolences on Facebook, all the sadness we collectively shared. And it rained - man did it rain - buckets!

In the evening the sky cleared, and there across the eastern sky was the most glorious rainbow, the most vivid double bow I have ever seen! We stood, in awe, just watching the reds and violets, greens and blues. And then it hit me. And I smiled, a misty smile.

There IS beauty in everything around us, and there is beauty most of all in people. We may have lost a beautiful person Sunday but that sunset will last with us forever!

From my side of the rainbow to yours, Annette, Thank You!!