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I am trying, where possible to use new material on this latest iteration of DT, but every once in awhile I come across something that kind of, well puts a lump in my throat. Maybe this will give you a little better idea about the odd duck writing this blog entry.

From 2015, but still VERY applicable today, especially in the uncertainty of the Covid world.

* * *

We learn something new every day – as long as we are aware of learning opportunities.

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that my youngest son and I are very close.

Perhaps it is because as an older parent I have slowed down enough to enjoy each passing day a bit more. Or perhaps it is because The Junior General requires more attention and help getting through life.

The J.G. is autistic and has pronounced difficulty communicating his needs. Questions are often answered with the question repeated back (echolalia) or simply ignored. And occasionally a multi-sentence fully formed answer will appear (we love those moments!).

This week has been a zoo, literally, and I haven’t had much time to just ‘hang out’ with the J.G. Thankfully my middle son was home from college for a few days and REALLY picked up the slack!

This morning my wife, middle son and the J.G. had to head out early to take Ben (middle son) to the bus in Guelph, a couple hours drive away. This meant dragging a bleary eyed J.G. out of bed at 6 am, packing him snacks for the road and shooing them out the door before 6:45. All went well and in short order Mom, Ben and the J.G. were ready to go. I retreated to the kitchen to make another pot of coffee (I REALLY hate saying goodbye to people even for a short time…).

As I was counting out spoonfuls of coffee grounds the J.G. appeared in front of me with a quiet but serious look on his face. I moved to the left thinking he wanted past to the bathroom.

He moved left with me.

I moved right, he moved right. Puzzled I looked down at him.

He patted his chest… Hmm… He patted his chest again.

I leaned over and he almost jumped in his eagerness to give me the squishiest hug possible.

And then he was off like a shot, out the front door and many steps ahead of his brother by the time they reached the car.

I think I was still smiling when they returned home at noon.

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