Revisiting A Walk In The Park

A semi-ritual every Saturday afternoon for myself and Sam (The Junior General) is to spend an hour or two sketching – at the kitchen table in Winter and hopefully under an awning in the backyard in Summer.

After a long week it is great chicken soup for both our souls just to zen out in the backyard with pencils and sketchpads, listening to the birds. This time also gives my wife a much needed break before work.

Today as I was flipping through my sketchbook I came across a quick sketch I had done at the ballpark in Teeswater that I had totally forgotten. I noticed the date – June 2011 – hey! that’s almost exactly 10 years ago. Time for a revisit, so adding a few stronger pencil strokes I decided to scan the sketch into my phsp and give it the manip once over.

This is the result, sort of a mixed media sketch cum digital image.

Fun sometimes to revisit old work, my apologies for the technique, I am much more comfortable with a mouse than a pencil – go figure!


mouse - o = muse

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