I am cross posting this from my Fortissime website ( because dammit we ALL need to speak out…

I noticed recently I have been creating a lot in blacks, whites and greys. Perhaps it is my ‘heart sadness’ at what I am seeing all around me in the most beautiful country God (or whatever you may call her / him / them in your faith) ever put on this tiny blue planet.

As I was creating this image I got to thinking about one word – respect – and all the connotations and descriptions fit within that one word. Have we retrogressed to the point where that word is vanishing from our vocabulary? Have we become a country of Yellow Pelts?

I watch my son watching TV and wonder is this the country I want to leave him? A country that (falsely) prides itself on a standard of openness the rest of the world would love to have? A country where a few seats in the house of Commons are worth more than the future of our planet and people? A country where the pride of our leaders gets in the way of solutions to benefit us all?

It is damned cold in northwestern BC right now, I know I have lived there, and if the elders, some older and quite frail, can live in tents in those conditions wouldn’t respect at least dictate that our government talk to the elders without looking over a police blockade?

We only have one planet to live on, and we are ALL one people, born to deserve the respect of others, and under the skin our hearts are all one colour.

Listen – speak – discuss – respect…


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