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Sunrise Beyond Words

An ode to my ‘hometown’, well more like ‘homehamlet’, a few houses tucked in amongst the towering cedars and Douglas firs on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The sunrises are spectacular though, you really need to experience them (a good cup of coffee in hand of course!).

That West Coast Feeling

As I was working on the ‘Read Learn Change the World’ image, my wife walked by and quipped “That looks like Vancouver…”, which is a standing joke about my love of all things British Columbia even though I haven’t been back to the coast for about 12 years now (*GASP*). […]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

  “Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly And the dreams that you dream of, dreams really do come true” I must be getting older, some things really ‘get to me’, or maybe I am just tired of hiding my humanity / empathy / whateverathy. I wear my heart on […]

Vimeo Here We Come!

Well… after 6 years (!) I finally a. remembered my Vimeo login and b. got around to fixing up a wee vid to post. So here it is… I have had a hankering to do some tutorial vids (or even a podcast) lately, so who knows… đŸ™‚ Anyone game?

Got Morning?

After a longish night of coding, my brain needed something to relax it. What better way than perusing the poster art on Pinterest? I love the ‘blockiness’ (is that an appropriate term?) of the posters of the 60’s and 70’s – simple shapes and primary colours. Well, growing up in […]

Red Zen

Ever notice in that precise moment of dawn or dusk the sky fills with colours you would never expect? A zen moment we wait hours to repeat… Peace! Red Zen is now available on Red Bubble by clicking [HERE]. *UPDATE* I found it kind of neat playing with the layering […]

High Contrast

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