Lost Friends & 2 Dollar Boxes

it hits you funny,
like a sledgehammer
made out of putty
wielded by a midget
with spasticity
as a surgeon
would wield a knife

I was at an auction
rural type
lots of welders
and big implements
for fixing combines
or tractors
mixed in
with delicate china
I love the smells
of old leather
and musty books
french fries
and donuts
with coffee
from the canteen
in the rear
that seems as popular
as the gavel
up front
but it was different
not quite the same
though the auctioneer
greeted me
by name
or at least his wife
smiling over her clipboard
and asking if
I was feeling better
after my recent bug

I said “Yes thankfully!”
and scurried to reach my seat
but when I looked around
I realized the faces
I am used to were gone
never to flash the card
marked ‘410’
or ‘287’
or nod
like a Watergate crony
over the box of goodies
2 dollars bought
from under the eye
of a lurking dealer

I smiled to myself
and left my number
at the counter
thanking them for the day
I might not be back.


(I did get a good cheese grater in a $2 box)

mouse - o = muse

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