There is so much squawking going on these days, cancel culture, TERFS, trans, everybody trying to ‘out-decibel’ each others. Makes me wonder if people can actually hear each other or is dialogue becoming a dying art?

Covid has been hard on people, heck this morning there was an incident with the police and a fellow brandishing a sword. Hopefully he survives and gets the help he needs. 🙁 

I guess in some ways we have been ‘lucky’. Both Mrs. Bear and myself have worked from home for years so transitioning to remote work wasn’t really a big transition at all. But for some missing people seems to have become shouting at the top of their lungs to be heard. 

Maybe a little silence is what is needed, just to be different, just to let the hearts of others know that your heart is thinking of them.


mouse - o = muse

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