It’s The Climb

What a week!

I am almost afraid to turn on the news but CNN is addicting, the sweet and ugly tang of insurrection hanging in the air, the almost mind-numbing Covid numbers – new cases, deaths, vaccine rollout news, and waaay too much time on my hands waiting to start work.

This morning I decided to put on Spotify instead of the news, a playlist called ‘Feel Good Piano‘ and let the gentleness roll over me like a calming, warm wave.

It worked, to my surprise, and it got me thinking about the bigger picture (as I am oft to do when my brain is not going 5000 mph).

The nugget of thought that dropped out (proof I DO have rocks in my head) inspired me to create the above image. 

It is true though, in the end it is the journey and not the destination.

Happy Saturday!


mouse - o = muse

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