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Is it August Already?

Wow, time flies… Ottawa is on about day 50 of a ‘heatwave’ (daytime high above 23C.). It is kinda nice having all this sunshine but a bit of a pain getting a decent night’s sleep. 😛 The retro poster concepts keep on flowing so I have created a new category – Posters – that should fill up over time (or fill up quickly at the rate I am going). Elsewhere it has been a busy, busy Summer as we get settled in here in Ottawa on Tundra (Ha! I am waiting for the -30° C. weather and skating on the Rideau Canal / Winterlude). And speaking about weather, you know I had to do at least one geeky thing on this site. A few weeks ago I built a script to pull the weather data off for South Bruce Tourism (former committee chair – still webmaster). Quite happy with how it worked out so you can now check out my 5 day forecast if you like. 🙂

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