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I was thinking about beauty

I was thinking about beauty…
I think about a lot of things actually, snippets of dreams and the such – over 200 in the past couple months in the wee app I wrote for just that purpose… 
Beauty is indeed all around us, just waiting for one of our senses to discover it – a taste, a sound, maybe the fleeting glimpse that bring a smile or draws our breath.

This time of year there are masses of Christmas lights all over the city, dazzling and beautiful, a testament to the hard work of people who really care to light up the season.

And the music… happily falling down the Youtube rabbit hole this morning, passing Pentatonix, TPG and a bunch of other artists merrily playing the standard tunes (but definitely not what you would hear in Walmart or on an elevator).

This song is not Xmas, but it is cello, which for anyone who knows me is the voice of angels…

Angels speak messages and the message in this video is about the beauty…

and yes it took my breath away…


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