How are you handling self-isolation?

It is interesting at Casa Nepean for sure as we enter our 31st day of isolation. I've learned lots over the last 4 weeks and change:

  • The world doesn't end if you don't attack your email as soon as you get up.
  • Facebook, though generally boring, is WAAAAY more boring when consumed in more than 20 minute doses.
  • Even after almost 30 years sketching is like riding a bicycle - you never forget how even if the ditches are pretty deep.
  • It is just cool rediscovering groups on Spotify (Blue Rodeo comes quickly to mind)
  • Man are there some amazing artists on Spotify (Agnes Obel comes to mind)
  • No matter how old he was or how sick he had been losing John Prine is a HUGE rip in the fabric of Americana. :( :(
  • Covid-19 has given me a WHOLE new appreciation for family and friends, and new level of fear for others, especially friends and family working in the first line trenches (Shannon you ARE a Heroine!).

I had a whole stack of cut up cigarette packages I have been lugging around for years and finally found a use for them - teeny tiny sketches. Here are a few I have played with over the last few weeks at home.

More on my Instagram account. :)

So how are you handling Covid-19? Drop me a note on Facebook if you like - I will reply on my next 20 minute visit!

Peace and #stayhome #staysafe #stayboth #DAMMIT