So what do you do when you are told to go home and stay there for a month in late Spring, with a teenager suddenly homebound from an active school program?

After a few days of pondering, flipflopping around the house and generally getting underfoot I decided to haul out a bunch of 4 x 4 inch pieces of cardboard that I had upcycled from old cigarette packages years ago (yes, I smoke and no, I can’t remember why I saved a couple hundred cut up pieces of cigarette packages).

Long story short Sam and I ended up at the kitchen table just about every day sketching away. For me it was a return to something I had stopped doing many moons ago that still brought me pleasure. And a chance to spend time with Sam.

Since the self-isolation in the Spring of 2020 I have continued to sketch. More examples are up on my Instagram account if you are interested.


mouse - o = muse

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