I am cross posting this from my Fortissime website ( because dammit we ALL need to speak out… I noticed recently I have been creating a lot in blacks, whites and greys. Perhaps it is my ‘heart sadness’ at what I am seeing all around me in the most beautiful country God (or whatever you […]


Oceans, straits, rivers, lakes – water is very important to my soul. I am not completely sure why, though growing up on an island probably had lots to do with it, eh? After completing ‘C’est Le Voyage’ something just seemed to be missing, like the ship (work in progress for sure…) was taking away from […]

Crystal Mountain IPA

I have a friend going sight-seeing tomorrow in the mountains of BC – could be a bouncy ride… 😉 Anyway more on the retro poster theme. I am still trying to figure the nuances of clouds, much harder to do in simple shapes than with my usual transparencies and photoshop tricks. 😛

Vintage Tractors and Much More

One of the groups I work with is the South Bruce Tourism Committee, an ad hoc community group of volunteers (sponsored by / part of South Bruce Municipal Council), who work darned hard to promote local events and groups, new businesses, whatever it takes to get the word out. So in the continuation of my […]

We’ll Leave The Light On

Back in the weather service days every new weather observer in BC were stationed for two years in Dease Lake if married, or six months on Cape St. James if single. The Cape, as it was colloquially known, was a lighthouse and weather station perched on a rock at the extreme south end of Haida […]

Sunrise Beyond Words

An ode to my ‘hometown’, well more like ‘homehamlet’, a few houses tucked in amongst the towering cedars and Douglas firs on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The sunrises are spectacular though, you really need to experience them (a good cup of coffee in hand of course!).

High Contrast

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