Apartment 2B

2 floors up,  above the swirling littered dreams,  I watched… eyes red.  He came,  shuffling, head down,  gnarled bony hands hung loose.  A ravaged fedora perched,  on bleached white straw.  I stepped outside myself and stared,  feeling his age and pain.  And for a moment forgot my own,  began to smile,  realizing as he passed,  he was whistling…  ©1998  (New Dawn Master Poet Award Winner – 1998)

Starlight Twinkles

Starlight twinkles, playing between the clouds, he stands and listens to the hiss of aurora, spreading fanlike overhead, and dreams of joining eternity. Arms spread palms flat, night wind strums his hair, he feels the power, of his fathers’ calling, tucks his knees and flys, heavenward to the light, restrained from the cosmos, by the […]

Caviar and Crackers

Salt taste, rippling across my tongue, rolling black pebbles bursting at the edge symbolic life to slake my thirsty palette long draughts of femininity at it’s source reduced to here and now encased in the soft tang slipped between my lips and then the cracker, bitten… hard! ©2000

High Contrast

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