Category: Poetry


Caviar and Crackers

Salt taste,rippling across my tongue,rolling black pebblesbursting at the edgesymbolic lifeto slake my thirsty palettelong draughts of femininityat it’s sourcereduced to here and nowencased in the soft tangslipped between my lipsand then the cracker,bitten…hard!...


Lost Friends & 2 Dollar Boxes

it hits you funny,sometimes,death,like a sledgehammermade out of puttywielded by a midgetwith spasticityas a surgeonwould wield a knife I was at an auctionrural typelots of weldersand big implementsfor fixing combinesor tractorsmixed inwith delicate chinaI...


Under Canvas

3000 miles – 10,000 days,or more,beyond the mountains,an ocean scent of canvaswaftspast the driftsand frosted panes,yellow for boys – green for girls,a memory of broiling sunand dripping rain,of sodden trunksflung in the corner,after dark...


Wish You Were Here

So many walks in the rain,tears and coffeesipped from a torn Timmy’s cupthe ultimate blendof pleasure and painbrewed the same way – every daysodden leaves and broken windowswhistling like the kettleyou used to keep...


Incongruous Sunlight

November heat – I walkedin a park – acres of grassburnt brown by the Autumn sunflattened by an early snowsurrounded by a phalanxof oaks risingin all directionsbut at my feet – a pineconeincongruous in...


Bonfires & Windy Highways

And I thought I was a bonfire,flicker madly in the night,And I thought I wouldn’t lingerSnuffed out quickly in the fight. Never tarry was my motto,Fingers touch and then away,Closing doors behind me softly,Never...

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