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Facebook Profiles

I do a slew of Facebook profile images for my different pages. Recently FB turning towards circular profile pics has created a bit of a wrinkle. Or maybe an opportunity? Enjoy!



I have been taking pictures, mostly snapshots, since the 70’s, first with a ‘heavy as hell’ Mamiya 500DTL, then a lighter Mamiya NC1000S, then as the digital age caught up to me a Fuji...


Photo Retouching

My Grandmother was quite the artist, I am told, though I have never seen any of her paintings (she died many years before I was born, sadly). What I have seen are a few...



So what do you do when you are told to go home and stay there for a month in late Spring, with a teenager suddenly homebound from an active school program? After a few...


Pen, Ink & Paint

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… no wait, that’s another story. I actually started my art journey off doodling, noodling and scratching away on just about any type of paper...

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