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Bewitching Beauty

I tend to watch a lot of late night TV – often Brit mysteries because of the ‘bland’ nature of Canadian / American series these days (cue indignation from all the [insert name of fave series here] fans). Right now I have just finished watching ‘Unforgotten’ – love, love, love […]

Red Zen

Ever notice in that precise moment of dawn or dusk the sky fills with colours you would never expect? A zen moment we wait hours to repeat… Peace! Red Zen is now available on Red Bubble by clicking [HERE]. *UPDATE* I found it kind of neat playing with the layering […]

Children Of The Nuclear Sunset

What world are we leaving our children – one fouled by pollution, slowly roasting under climate change or sitting on the edge of their seats that some tinpot potentate has his itchy finger on the nuclear ‘go-button’? It worries me – a lot – and it would make me feel […]

Bringing Images to Life

I have ‘a thing’ about digitally retouching old photos, bringing black and whites from the late 1880’s or early 1900’s into the 21st century. I know there are others who are really into the photorealism retouching but for me it is more about breathing new life into fading images.

High Contrast

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