I was thinking about beauty

I was thinking about beauty… I think about a lot of things actually, snippets of dreams and the such – over 200 in the past couple months in the wee app I wrote for just that purpose… 🙂 Beauty is indeed all around us, just waiting for one of our senses to discover it – a […]

Is it August Already?

Wow, time flies… Ottawa is on about day 50 of a ‘heatwave’ (daytime high above 23C.). It is kinda nice having all this sunshine but a bit of a pain getting a decent night’s sleep. 😛 The retro poster concepts keep on flowing so I have created a new category – Posters – that should […]

Vimeo Here We Come!

Well… after 6 years (!) I finally a. remembered my Vimeo login and b. got around to fixing up a wee vid to post. So here it is… I have had a hankering to do some tutorial vids (or even a podcast) lately, so who knows… 🙂 Anyone game?

Got Morning?

After a longish night of coding, my brain needed something to relax it. What better way than perusing the poster art on Pinterest? I love the ‘blockiness’ (is that an appropriate term?) of the posters of the 60’s and 70’s – simple shapes and primary colours. Well, growing up in the 60’s and 70’s probably […]

High Contrast

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