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Bewitching Beauty

I tend to watch a lot of late night TV – often Brit mysteries because of the ‘bland’ nature of Canadian / American series these days (cue indignation from all the [insert name of fave series here] fans). Right now I have just finished watching ‘Unforgotten’ – love, love, love Nicola Walker – wish she would do something this side of the pond to get the credit she is due!

Growing up in Vic dinnertime involved TV trays and ‘Bewitched’, and even though it might sound silly these days there was something about the smouldering undertones of Elizabeth Montgomery’s performances (and don’t even get me started on her evil-doppelganger-cousin…). Long story short I found this image on the net a few days ago and thought it might look kind of cool with a bit of colourizing.

So who was your fave ‘TV crush’ growing up?

Other than the above mentioned EM, maybe Celine Leger (Thierry Le Fronde – The King’s Outlaw) or Trudy Young (Razzle Dazzle or The Forest Rangers).

Drop me a note on FB…

Enjoy! 🙂

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