So with sketching on cigarette packages and in my sketchbook, making mobiles and jigsaw puzzles while in self-isolation I haven’t done a lot with my trusty mouse. Here is one WIP I started last evening. Kind of fun to get back into the digital saddle after a few weeks break. 🙂 #stayhome #staysafe #stayboth #DAMMIT […]

tree 4x4 sketch


How are you handling self-isolation? It is interesting at Casa Nepean for sure as we enter our 31st day of isolation. I’ve learned lots over the last 4 weeks and change: The world doesn’t end if you don’t attack your email as soon as you get up. Facebook, though generally boring, is WAAAAY more boring […]


I am cross posting this from my Fortissime website (https://www.fortissime.ca/respect/) because dammit we ALL need to speak out… I noticed recently I have been creating a lot in blacks, whites and greys. Perhaps it is my ‘heart sadness’ at what I am seeing all around me in the most beautiful country God (or whatever you […]

Apartment 2B

2 floors up,  above the swirling littered dreams,  I watched… eyes red.  He came,  shuffling, head down,  gnarled bony hands hung loose.  A ravaged fedora perched,  on bleached white straw.  I stepped outside myself and stared,  feeling his age and pain.  And for a moment forgot my own,  began to smile,  realizing as he passed,  he was whistling…  ©1998  (New Dawn Master Poet Award Winner – 1998)

Starlight Twinkles

Starlight twinkles, playing between the clouds, he stands and listens to the hiss of aurora, spreading fanlike overhead, and dreams of joining eternity. Arms spread palms flat, night wind strums his hair, he feels the power, of his fathers’ calling, tucks his knees and flys, heavenward to the light, restrained from the cosmos, by the […]

Ottawa on Tundra

About 18 months ago Casa Marcy became Casa Solva as we packed up the trusty Jeep and ‘migrated’ to Canada’s capital city. With trusty phone in hand I have been snapping pics all over the city since as I learn about such big city mundanity as markets, galleries, bus system and now LRT. Although I […]

Facebook Profile Images

Profile images follow you everywhere on Facebook and with the right balance of colour, theme and composition can be quite effective. From time to time Facebook also likes to toss in a curveball or two, like the current (often maddening) round overlay (trust me I have googled til my eyeballs almost fell out and there […]

Facebook Covers

Facebook cover images (851 x 315 pixels) have always been a fun playground for me, slicing odd bits off of bigger images or creating whole idea within this odd sized box. After awhile the cover becomes less about clipping off the end of my name or the top of my head, and more about using […]

Renovate This!

(Excerpt from ‘The Marcy Street Irregulars and Other Fables’, my upcoming collection of life and mishaps in a small town) June is Brain Injury Awareness Month, also known around our house as the month my wife proves to the world that yes, in fact I was dropped on my head as a baby. Two Junes […]

High Contrast

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