Author: Mark


Digital Landscapes

Way back I used to do 3D images using POV-Ray – writing lengthy scripts just to create a simple landscape. It was fun but VERY time consuming. Then I discovered Terragen and suddenly the...


Fractal Stock

I used to play quite a bit with Apophysis, a rather cool fractal generator for Windows. I am not sure if it is even still available (or compatible with Windows 10). You can snag...



Sometimes when you revisit old photographs fresh insight arrives! This was a random photo I took way back in 2013, that at first intrigued me then was lost in the piles of snaps. Nothing...


Facebook Profiles

I do a slew of Facebook profile images for my different pages. Recently FB turning towards circular profile pics has created a bit of a wrinkle. Or maybe an opportunity? Enjoy!


All Masks Are Beautiful 2

Maybe if I spread enough of these around my friends on social media some folks will get the hint! There will be more no doubt. 😉

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