All Masks Are Beautiful!

I don’t really get the whole schmozzle about wearing masks!

People in the Orient have been wearing them for years for anything from Flu outbreaks to smoggy days, and yet here in North America we have this whole thing about our rights… Huh what’s that all about?

Sure the vaccines are starting to roll out (I got Pfizer-ized about 10 days ago with 2nd shot in August!) but that doesn’t mean that we will have this instant wall of protection – for ourselves and everyone around us.

So put yer damned mask on people! When the JG and I go for a walk in the evening it is RARE to see anyone with a mask on (N95’s go on at our front door!), including families out for a stroll! The 6 feet / 2 metre rule – forget about it, that was from the first Covid-19 NOT the variants! Research is telling us it is more like 20 FEET!

So be beautiful, inside and out – WEAR YOUR MASK!


(for the techie artists – digitally created mask and shades over a photo-retouched image of Carole Lombard from 1926)

mouse - o = muse

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