About Mark

Born and raised literally on an isolated bay on Vancouver Island, Mark was exposed to nature, beauty and solitude from an early age, giving him a lifelong wanderlust that has taken him from Canada to the Middle East, Europe, Asia and many parts of North America. This wanderlust has been captured in his artwork and writing.

A self-trained artist Mark worked in conventional media, primarily pen, ink and watercolours for many years until making a conscious decision to adopt digital art as his primary medium in 1990.  Since then he has created more than 5000 digital images, with more than 500 advertising campaigns under his belt. Mark’s digital fine art is currently in private collections from Campbell River to Dubai, and available for purchase online at ImageKindRedBubble and Fine Art America galleries.

Mark is also a published author, poet and essayist; editing and publishing his own online literary magazine (The ThinWire Journal), online local newspaper (teeswater.ca), and working as a senior editor and columnist on a number of other publications.


Mark has been involved in computer technology and applications for many years, programming, maintaining and general tinkering with every imaginable computer from Burroughs mainframes to cellphones. In his day to day world, Mark works as a system administrator for the federal government, supporting hundreds of remote operations, as well as several departments and agencies.

When not under the hood of a wonky PC or flakey VPN connection, Mark concentrates on web based applications and development, creating a number of Internet-support applications (such as the wildly popular WebMeister) and consulting on 100s of business and personal websites.

Mark currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife, teenaged son (The Junior General) and Baxter The Wonder Dog.

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