Starlight Twinkles

Starlight twinkles, playing between the clouds, he stands and listens to the hiss of aurora, spreading fanlike overhead, and dreams of joining eternity. Arms spread palms flat, night wind strums his hair, he feels the power, of his fathers’ calling, tucks his knees and flys, heavenward to the light, restrained from the cosmos, by the […]

Ottawa on Tundra

About 18 months ago Casa Marcy became Casa Solva as we packed up the trusty Jeep and ‘migrated’ to Canada’s capital city. With trusty phone in hand I have been snapping pics all over the city since as I learn about such big city mundanity as markets, galleries, bus system and now LRT. Although I […]

Facebook Profile Images

Profile images follow you everywhere on Facebook and with the right balance of colour, theme and composition can be quite effective. From time to time Facebook also likes to toss in a curveball or two, like the current (often maddening) round overlay (trust me I have googled til my eyeballs almost fell out and there […]

Facebook Covers

Facebook cover images (851 x 315 pixels) have always been a fun playground for me, slicing odd bits off of bigger images or creating whole idea within this odd sized box. After awhile the cover becomes less about clipping off the end of my name or the top of my head, and more about using […]

Renovate This!

(Excerpt from ‘The Marcy Street Irregulars and Other Fables’, my upcoming collection of life and mishaps in a small town) June is Brain Injury Awareness Month, also known around our house as the month my wife proves to the world that yes, in fact I was dropped on my head as a baby. Two Junes […]

I was thinking about beauty

I was thinking about beauty… I think about a lot of things actually, snippets of dreams and the such – over 200 in the past couple months in the wee app I wrote for just that purpose… 🙂 Beauty is indeed all around us, just waiting for one of our senses to discover it – a […]


Oceans, straits, rivers, lakes – water is very important to my soul. I am not completely sure why, though growing up on an island probably had lots to do with it, eh? After completing ‘C’est Le Voyage’ something just seemed to be missing, like the ship (work in progress for sure…) was taking away from […]

Bewitching Beauty

I tend to watch a lot of late night TV – often Brit mysteries because of the ‘bland’ nature of Canadian / American series these days (cue indignation from all the [insert name of fave series here] fans). Right now I have just finished watching ‘Unforgotten’ – love, love, love Nicola Walker – wish she […]

Is it August Already?

Wow, time flies… Ottawa is on about day 50 of a ‘heatwave’ (daytime high above 23C.). It is kinda nice having all this sunshine but a bit of a pain getting a decent night’s sleep. 😛 The retro poster concepts keep on flowing so I have created a new category – Posters – that should […]

High Contrast

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