Digital Twilight


Revisiting A Walk In The Park

A semi-ritual every Saturday afternoon for myself and Sam (The Junior General) is to spend an hour or two sketching – at the kitchen table in Winter and hopefully under an awning in the...


Classic PSA’s

I love noodling and retouching old images I find here and there on the net. Some classics turned into yet more ‘Wear Yer Damned Mask!’ PSA’s, which are probably driving my friends nutz by...


Object Freebies

These are .png files you can cut out and add to your scenes. Download (.zip) below: Views: 108


Digital Landscapes

Way back I used to do 3D images using POV-Ray – writing lengthy scripts just to create a simple landscape. It was fun but VERY time consuming. Then I discovered Terragen and suddenly the...


Fractal Stock

I used to play quite a bit with Apophysis, a rather cool fractal generator for Windows. I am not sure if it is even still available (or compatible with Windows 10). You can snag...



Sometimes when you revisit old photographs fresh insight arrives! This was a random photo I took way back in 2013, that at first intrigued me then was lost in the piles of snaps. Nothing...

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